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REDEFINED Design Model

Some of us can visualize our projects and others cannot. No worries, we have all of the design tools to see a 3D rendering or photo of what you can expect the project to look like upon completion.

Don't you deserve better options to help you visualize your project?

Design Tools for Visualization

Maybe you are a person that can mentally see what your bathroom or kitchen will look like once completed, or can visualize how all of the colors and patterns will compliment one another. If that is you congratulations, that is a wonderful skill! However,  If you are like most people, this is very difficult to see unless there is a picture or 3D model that helps put all of the pieces together.

INTEGRITY HOME RENOVATORS has all of the design tools needed to show you exactly what your design looks like with the colors and patterns selected

Take the guesswork and anxiety out of wondering if your project will look the same way as you visualize it in your head. Pick your colors, see them in your room on our design app, change patterns, textures, layout etc, until we get it just right for you. We also have materials and hardware samples that we will bring to your design consultation so that you know exactly what you are getting. This way you can rest easy that the design  you choose will be exactly what you want.

INTEGRITY HOME RENOVATORS takes your project from consultation to design giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

Here at Integrity Home Renovators, We just do things a little differently...Remodeling REDEFINED

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